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You are what you eat!

Our bodies are made up of the things we consume. This truth is a major driver behind society’s recently increased interest in food, and the burgeoning food movement. Many people have correlated processed foods, adulterated foods, genetically modified foods, and foods that have carcinogens as being negative to their own personal well-being. Those who are attentive to these facts have begun to source better quality, more natural, organic, and locally grown food products. These types of food are perhaps closer to what their great-grandparents ate, with the understanding that there is an inherent value in simple, natural healthy food.

At Paradise Fields, it’s our firm belief that alternative ways of healing do exist. Through nutrition and lifestyle, we have personally witnessed the healing of many people close to us. From incurable diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis (MS), and diabetes, to headaches, dizziness and gastrointestinal diseases such as leaky gut and irritable bowel syndrome, there is so much that can be impacted by healthy, nutritionally sound diet.


Nutrient Dense Organic

Everything we eat has its origin in the soil, because we were created from the soil.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the soil that food is grown in has an immense impact on the quality and content of the fruit, vegetables and herbs we eat. Healthy, living, high-functioning soil will produce crops that are flavorful, aromatic and nutritious. The resulting crops are considered nutrient-dense. Unfortunately, the agricultural practices being used have been primarily destructive.

Fully mineralized soils – without herbicides or pesticides – that are teeming with beneficial microorganisms, will produce the best, nutrient-dense organic food and that’s why Paradise Fields has spared no expense to provide you with the very best fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Want proof?

We are re-mineralizing our fields and plants with 92 minerals and trace minerals found in BC glacier rock dust and sea water. With constant improvement of soil conditions through full spectrum mineralization, microbial activity, fungal optimization and best practice agricultural methods, we hope to rediscover “Forgotten Flavors” that have been lost for generations

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